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The complete new developed PMS.Cliptest is released. The new version is more performant, has more features and the ability to choose how you visualize the tests.

PMS.Cliptest allows testing of mechanical attachment parts in the cable harness production. There is no additional wiring of the assembly boards required. The attachments can be registered on the boards via small wireless switches. These generate a radio signal which is received by the receiver and will be submitted to PMS.Cliptest for evaluation.

The energy which is required for the generation of the radio signal, is generated by energy harvesting from the mechanical movement. For a harness or a harness type a checklist is deposited. The test for a harness validates the received states of the switches against this checklist. The checklist can be manually created and then imported or automated generated by a leading system over the available interfaces. The current state of a running test is visualized at any time on one or more screens.

Editor view

Testing view

Editor view

Testing view


1. Documentation PMS.Cliptest

2. Documentation PMS.PrintProcessor.Service

3. Documentation PMS.Cliptest.Reporting


1. Setup PMS.Cliptest *
V20.4.1.4: (MD5: a711bd3598ad1545981b4b38cc485d6e | SHA: 59b6b242baf29de14ae5c97cb178d6d575108801 )
* Demo-License have to be requested

2. Setup PMS.PrintProcessor.Service
V1.5.1.0: (MD5: c92a6686a30b6bdce1fc6b25daac6d3e | SHA: b24d2fdef318394832a9a34a29854fd95955c938)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in PMS.Cliptest.
In addition to the detailed documentation, we also offer training on use of the system.